Ideas-Led OrganizationsTM

In an age of geopolitical uncertainty and the twin forces of digitization and commoditization, organizations that survive and prosper are those that are capable of developing – and then harnessing – fresh thinking.

We call them Ideas-Led Organizations (“ILOs”).

Our research has identified that ILOs share 5 common behaviors.

They value new ideas, and demand them by making them everyone’s responsibility.

They generate new ideas, and understand the intellectual curiosity, the space, and the plurality of talent and experience required.

They know how to curate ideas, and develop and clearly communicate their own mechanisms for doing so.

They nurture ideas, and do not let their institutional machines inadvertently kill them in infancy.
They activate ideas, and place a heavy premium on outcomes.

Moreover, they know how to do all these things at the same time, so that as older ideas are being activated, new ideas are being valued, generated, curated and nurtured. At its apex, this takes the form of an infinite loop that develops and then maintains its own kinetic energy.

Just as importantly, ILOs share 5 common characteristics – a clearly articulated and universally understood purpose, a permissive culture based on trust, institutional agility, boldness and a deep sense of fellowship.

And they never, ever let themselves get too comfortable.

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